Christian Alcantara

Food That Boost Immunity: Fighting Off Sickness


We are all aware that it is the season where our immunity is the most important. The most significant thing that we can do is support it to fight off any kind of sickness. Hippocrates said that “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine is thy food. We all know that food does more than to build our body up or boost our immunity. There is a lot of different food that boosts our immune system, here are some of them.

Leafy and Green Vegetables

The best food there is out there to boost our immune system are vegetables. These kinds of vegetables carry a lot of vitamins and minerals that build our body up as well as our immunity system. There are a lot of healthy vegetable recipes that you can make. You can add some spinach into your daily omelet to make it more nutritious.

Fruits That Contain Vitamin C

Vitamin C does a lot of wonders into our body. Fruits such as tomatoes, berries, lime and oranges are packed full of these vitamins. They act as an antioxidant that helps protect the cells in our body against free radicals which are unstable molecules that damages our cells. It’s better to have some oranges lying around your house where you can start snacking on them on the daily.


Avocados are rich in essential oils that can boost your immunity. They contain amino acids and antioxidants which are wonderful for your body. A lot of people also like to incorporate this into their food and process them into guacamole.


Tea is not just good for your metabolism but it also acts as a good remedy for symptoms of flu. Just like other soups, a hot tea acts as a decongestant that can clear the sinuses of our mucus. According to some study, drinking tea frequently can increase the virus-fighting interferon in our body.


Garlic brings a lot of benefits to our body. It has been used as medicine even during olden times and is also used to fight off infections. Garlic is also used to lower cholesterol and unclog our artery.


Soups are the staple for those people who have the flu. I’m fairly sure that you have been served soup when you were sick. There are a lot of variations of soup, ranging from vegetables to broth. Whichever kind of soup that you eat one thing is for sure, they are rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Key Takeaway

There is a lot of food out there that you can take to boost your immunity and at the same time build your body up and we should start consuming them daily. Even if you don’t have any sickness, it’s always better to prevent it.