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How to loop YouTube video on Phone & Computer?

Can I loop YouTube video? Yes, you can repeat YouTube videos by hitting Loop Button on both phone and computer. However, do not forget to update your YouTube app to use this function. Steps to Loop YouTube Video on Phone (Android & IOS) Now you are on your video that you want to repeat.Click the ...

When is open enrollment for health insurance 2021?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Special Enrollment Period for Health Insurance in 2021 is during 15th February to 15th August 2021. ...
apply for May 2021 intake in Canada

Study in Canada, May Intake 2021 During This Pandemic Situation Covid-19

As the worldwide pandemic slowly becomes the new normal, students from all over the world are resuming their plans of studying abroad once again. If your plan is applying for admission in Canada and are scheduled for the May intake in 2021, you must be well-informed by reading this blog. Here we will inform you ...

How Biotin for Women helps Hair and Nail Growth?

Biotin supplements are selling like hotcakes these days! These supplements have become popular especially with women. Every woman who desires long and strong hair or nails has once in their life got the advice of taking biotin supplements. It is the show stopper in the beauty industry these days. These supplements are making quite a ...

Ways To Spend Anniversary While At Home Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic is considered as the most difficult global health calamity of the century and the greatest challenge that humankind has faced. In December 2019, an infectious respiratory disease was discovered in Wuhan, China and later named by the World Health Organization as coronavirus disease 2019. This became an outbreak and until this day ...

Common Roof Problems Seen in Summer

Summer is a time for doing fun stuff outdoors, especially after cold, harsh weather. It is the perfect time to leave the house and do some traveling to make up for the time spent coop up inside the comfort of your home. Associated with summer is the scorching temperature that can damage the roofs. Too ...
Immune system

Does sleeping better help boosting immune system?

We know the COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed our lifestyle. It ruins all routines boost not only physical health disorders but also affects mental peace. People are unable to sleep well at night with this nasty situation. It has been analyzed that majority of people who have Insomnia, Anxiety, and more. It all is happening due ...