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How to choose sheets for a single bed? Check materials, types and colours!

For those of you who think that all bed sheets are the same, do you know that the material of your bed sheets changes how you feel when you sleep? You will be able to sleep comfortably just by changing the bed sheets that you used to buy casually to sheets with a material and texture that you like. This time, we will introduce you to the points of how to choose bed sheets.


  • 1 What role do bed sheets play?
    • Absorb sweat while you sleep
    • Adjust temperature
    • Fully washable for peace of mind
  • What materials are in the bed sheets?
    • Cotton (cotton)
    • Linen
    • Polyester
    • Silk
    • wool
  • How do I choose the type and colour of bed sheets?
    • Two types of bed sheets
    • Considering the effect of colour on sheets ◎
  • Summary

What role do bed sheets play?

Bed sheets are an essential item for comfortable mattress use. So what role do bed sheets play in the first place?

Absorb sweat while you sleep

It is said that we sweat the equivalent of glass while we sleep. If you don’t use bed sheets, this sweat will seep directly into the mattress, leading to the mattress’s deterioration and mould growth.

This is where bed sheets come into play. Using a bed sheet will prevent a lot of sweat and dirt from sticking to your mattress while you sleep. Mattresses are difficult to wash, so bed sheets are an essential item.

Adjust temperature

Not all bed sheets are the same, and the feel of each material varies greatly. If you use sheets made of warm material in the hot summer, you will feel uncomfortable, and it will be challenging to get a good night’s sleep. The bed sheets are warm and highly heat-retaining material for winter and dry and quick-drying material for summer. As you can see, if you choose according to the season, it will be easier to adjust the temperature while you sleep, leading to better sleep quality.

Fully washable and hygienic

Most bed sheets easily laundered at home. Bed sheets collect sweat while you sleep and easily collect dust and mites using them. The use of dust and mites that have accumulated can cause allergies, and there are concerns about health hazards. The bed sheets easily to washed whenever they become dirty, so you can rest assured that they are hygienic.

What material are the bed sheets made of?

What kind of materials are bed sheets? Let’s check the characteristics of each material.


It is one of the representative materials for bed sheets because it has a smooth texture and good moisture absorption and is comfortably all year round. High-quality cotton is soft to the touch and highly durable, but low-quality cotton feels dry and dry, so care must be taken. This material is recommended for people who sweat a lot.

Hemp (linen)

It is a material that absorbs sweat with high moisture absorption and release and has a smooth texture. Linen has a cool natural feel, so it is also a recommended material for hot summers. It is also highly durable and recommended for those who want to wash frequently.


It feels smooth to the touch, but it doesn’t absorb moisture well, so if you use it in the summer, you may feel sticky and uncomfortable with your night sweats. Polyester dries quickly after washing, and some, like microfiber, have high heat retention, so choosing one that matches the season and purpose might be a good idea.


It is slippery and has almost the same ingredients as human skin, so it is the most comfortable material. It is suitable for winter because it retains heat well. However, most silks are challenging to wash at home and require careful care, so most of them cannot be used as bed sheets for a long time. If you really want to use silk material, bed covers may be better than bed sheets.


It has high heat retention and heat insulation. It is recommended for those who are cold as it is a material suitable for winter because it feels warm with human body temperature. If the quality is not good enough, it will feel rough on the skin, so be careful.

How to choose the type and colour of bed sheets?

Now that you know the characteristics of bed sheet materials, let’s look at how to choose the type and colour of bed sheets.

2 types of bed sheets

Bed sheets categorized into two types: Know the features of each and choose the one you like.

Fitted sheets

The sheets have elastic at the bottom, so you can easily make a bed by just putting them on the mattress. In particular, there are many types and colours of single-size 25cm fitted sheets, so there is an advantage that it is easy to find what you like.

Flat sheets

Because it is a large sheet of cloth, it can be washed easily. Bed making is more difficult than fitted sheets, but once you get used to it, you can make a beautiful bed like a luxury hotel bed.

Considering the effect of colour on the sheets.

There is no problem with the colour of the bed sheets, as long as you choose the colour you like. If you want to be particular about the colour of your bed sheets so that you can sleep as much as possible, it is a good idea to pay attention to the effects of colour.


It is clean and makes the room look spacious. Too bright white may make it difficult to fall asleep, so we recommend off-white or off-white.


It makes me feel warm and cheerful.

Brown or beige

It calms you down and gives you peace of mind—the perfect colour for bed sheets.


Vivid pink has a stimulating effect, so it is unsuitable for bed sheets. Light pink can be expected to have a relaxing effect.


It calms the mind and promotes sleep—the perfect colour for bedrooms and bed sheets.

Black or grey

Black makes the atmosphere of the room heavy, so a grey fitted sheet is recommended because expected to have a stress-relieving effect.


The colour is perfect for bedrooms and bed sheets because it is less irritating and gives a sense of security.


Bed sheets vary in texture and comfort depending on the material, so it is a good idea to choose the one you like based on what kind of comfort you want. Also, if you want to sleep more comfortably, it might be a good idea to pay attention to the colour of the sheets, as we introduced this time. Bed sheets are something that touches your skin every day. Let’s choose sheets that will allow you to sleep comfortably every day, referring to the selection method introduced this time.