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(1)The Yellowfin tuna is mostly found in the Eastern Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Western Pacific.

(2)Yellowfin tuna has a silver belly with dark metallic blue backs and Yellow sides.

(3)They are highly sought after in the United States, Japan, Colombia, Italy, and Spain.

(4)They prey on other fishes including zooplankton and zooplankton that feed on other crustaceans.

(5)Due to the design of their body shape, it allows them to move very fast in the water.

(5)They  are a warm-blooded species during the day due to high-temperature  rises; they prefer to dive in deep of more than 100 m in the day and  remained at depths less than 50 m at night.

(6)Yellowfin  tuna can swim 55 miles per hour (88.51 km/h) so capturing prey is not  an issue to them due to their high metabolism they must continually swim  onward with their aperture opened to retain satisfactory oxygenation.

(7)They are also preyed upon by marlin, toothed whale and great white sharks.

(8)They can weigh up to 450 pounds (0.2 ton).

(9)They have a lifespan ranging from 5–7 years .

(10)They can grow to a length of being as large as 7 feet (213.36 cm).

(11)It  is known facts that some wealthy people prefer keeping them as trophy  pets which you need deep pockets for such an expensive hobby.

(12)During spawning, a single female can release up to 8 million eggs per season.

(13)The population of the Yellowfin is under threat due to overfishing.

(14)Yellowfin is highly prized for commercial and sport fishing and fishing.

(15)Yellowfin Tuna’s hunt by sight, so they tend to feed during daytime hours.