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For Scuba divers, it is essential to own a piece of diving equipment! Because if divers don’t have their own diving equipment, they may face the challenge of life and death every minute.

First, make sure that when you actually touch and learn to dive, you’ll find out if the sport is really for you。 When you first start diving, don’t immediately buy a complete set of diving equipment and find out that you don’t like diving at all1.

 1. When you’re a diver! In the early days, diving was often enthusiastic. After learning all kinds of diving methods, you must have your own equipment!。 The most worthwhile first dive gear may not be a wetsuit, but given the drawbacks of renting a wetsuit, you may be the first to start

 2. The downside of renting a wetsuit When you rent a wetsuit, you better hope it doesn’t get contaminated by other divers. Many divers “let themselves go” while wearing a wetsuit: they urinate in rented clothing While most people don’t intentionally urinate in a rented wetsuit, it’s not uncommon for some to do so during a dive

The dive shop usually cleans the rented clothes. The problem is, these clothes are washed in a very simple way: Soak them in the pool for about an hour, then hang them up to dry.

However, the bacteria on the clothes were not disposed of. If the wetsuit tastes good, most sneakers usually choose to use detergent to kill the virus. But can you guarantee a clean wetsuit every time?

3. Messy rentals If you book a dive, you go to the dive shop next to you. The shop assistant will take you to the equipment room and recommend different diving equipment. The shop assistant will compile a list of equipment according to your needs, usually including diving suit, mirror, BCD, webbed feet。 Sometimes the equipment you rent has all kinds of bugs. For example, when you’re ready to go in the water, your instructor suddenly hands you a piece of equipment; your wetsuit is the right size, but the wrong style。 Don’t panic when these things happen. Even if you don’t have the right equipment, you can dive as usual. It’s just not that much fun

4. Benefits of buying a wetsuit. Only your own equipment is the most comfortable, not only do not have to worry about hygiene, but when diving, you no longer have to rent clothes alone. Every time you dive, you save money on renting clothes with your own equipment. If you bring your own equipment, the submarine shop will usually give you a 10% discount.

Here are our tips on how to buy the right wetsuit1.

 When wearing a wetsuit, do not immerse yourself in the water

Don’t make the suit too big, or air will get in and affect the suit’s real function

 The suit’s too small for that. Too tight a wetsuit can interfere with blood circulation and can even cause fainting or drowning in special circumstances

 Buy A custom-made wetsuit to make sure you can swim and stay warm

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