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Trends often come and go every year but a custom kitchen remodeling project can last for a long time. The average kitchen renovation costs around $20,000 which can take several weeks or months to complete. Renovating your kitchen every time there is a new trend that is not realistic and not economical. Despite the trends continuing to change, there are some new kitchen trends that experts believe to have a longevity appeal. There are also perennial classics that you can enjoy.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Trends

Mixing and Matching Your Lighting Decor

If you are having a hard time choosing between light pendants or a classic chandelier, the best option is to mix and match both items. There is an increase in the trend of using lighting as a decorative element. The mixing of different types and styles of lighting in the kitchens can create new and unique aesthetics in your kitchen.

In a kitchen setting, lighting will be able to have many functionalities. An example of the functionality is when an overhead fixture will brighten up space while it can illuminate certain islands. As a homeowner, you have to think about your cooking space, as well as different types of light where the task, layer, and ambient will be able to meet your needs.

Have A Blue Shade In Your Kitchen

Having shades of blue will continue to be famous. Blue is a cool color but is a very versatile color in the kitchen. It can be applied to various themes. The varying shade from light blue, denim, to navy blue have some sort of calming qualities that can induce a neutral feel and comfort.

When you think of how long you spend your time in the kitchen, having a calming color is a good winner. Having rich blue-greens and deep moody blues will be able to pair to other trends such as natural wood accents and brass hardware.

Brass Accents Are Also Becoming More Popular

Brass accents can be found on drawer pulls, faucets, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware. Having a brass accent can have decorative elements that can add a touch shine to the kitchen hardware. No matter what your finish is, even if it’s polished brass, satin, or unlacquered, brass will always make a great stylish statement.

Brass has a timeless and classic look while it still feels contemporary. Any brass finish blends well in various kitchen designs. Brass hardware is also great on dark carpentry or a polished faucet as it can act as the shiny focal point in a neutral kitchen.

Bright and Colorful ranges

Having a white-colored kitchen has always been a great option for many homeowners, but some people are moving towards a bold kitchen choice. There is a particular fondness for having colorful ranges in contrast with matte black and white options. There is increasing popularity when it comes to vibrant colors in the kitchen as it took inspiration from European design trends.

Aside from traditional colors, homeowners pick three main hues namely red, orange, and yellow for vibrancy. Red blends well in both traditional and modern styles. Orange and yellow are also gaining popularity for bringing a contemporary blend to any room.

Custom Storage

The kitchen is the heart of every home and tends to serve many purposes. This is why having smart storage is important to keep the kitchen organized and using the most out of the space. You have to be creative with your custom kitchen remodeling plans and storage solutions continue to be great add-ons in kitchen design.

An example of a great custom storage solution is when designer and photographer Erin Kestenbaum transformed her kitchen as part of a challenge, where Erin included enhanced storage space. The storage has vertical tray storage at the top of the fridge with a narrow drawer used for spices and oils.

Custom kitchen remodeling is an exciting task that still needs proper planning. You need to plan and pick your kitchen remodeling contractor. Ensure that they have a team that is experienced and can be flexible to your needs. Add storage, use vibrant colors, and pick lightings that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen by laying out your plans and consulting an expert on how to execute it