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These days, it seems that nearly every toy company is looking to fit education into their toy design. Sometimes, this can lead to confusing and downright boring toys. How educational can a toy be if your child doesn’t even want to play with it?

Thankfully, there is something that children around the world almost universally enjoy – and it’s educational and beneficial for their development! That thing is music and it’s incredibly easy to find fun and interesting toys that incorporate it.

Why Choose a Musical Toy?

Music has numerous documented benefits for children of all ages, but particularly for very young children. Even during pregnancy, babies have been shown to benefit from the sounds of music that their mothers listen to.

Music can be both soothing and stimulating for babies. Toddlers can benefit from listening to the repetitive beats of music by establishing internal rhythms that may help with the development of speech. Dancing along to music that they hear and creating their own songs that they in turn sing aloud to themselves or others is all part of this musically-assisted development.

What about preschoolers and school-aged children? Music’s benefits don’t cease when school begins. The most beloved songs that have been handed down from generation to generation typically involve simple melodies and words, but their importance cannot be overstated. These tunes can do everything from teaching children new words and their alphabet to reassure children when they are upset or confused about the world around them. For kids, music really is magic!

What to Look for in a Musical Toy

It only makes sense to incorporate something as ubiquitous and beneficial as music into children’s toys – but how do you choose the best kids musical toy?

Something to look for in the ideal item is a toy that pulls double duty. Today’s most popular educational and musical toys do more than just play music. Some of the ways music is paired with other subjects include:

  • A singing storybook which helps children learn to read.
  • A kids play kitchen which teaches children common words related to life skills.
  • An interactive toy that teaches children new words in a second language.
  • Cuddly toys for very young children that familiarize them with the alphabet, and more.

All of these are great examples of the kinds of musical toys that are helping children learn important concepts and skills, all while remaining interesting and engaging – an all-around win for the whole family!

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