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What Happens When NJDEP Investigates Air Pollution? (Infographic)

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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is an agency responsible for the management of the state’s natural resources and the protection, restoration, and enhancement of the quality of life in the Garden State. Today, the NJDEP has almost 3,000 employees that work for the conservation of the environment.

NJDEP has three divisions, which are land, air, and water. Water monitoring involves checking the quality of water in the state if its drinkable or safe for marine life as a habitat. On the other hand, the land and open space division are the ones responsible for providing information regarding wetlands, coastal, and stream/floodplain encroachment programs.

The job of the air quality division is to make sure that the air quality across the state does not contain any harmful contaminants. Speaking of poisonous air, your office or household can be filled with pollutants without you knowing. This infographic from Lockatong Engineering will show what they do in the investigation process.

What Happens When NJDEP Investigates Air Pollution

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