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What Happened?

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No structure is immune to failures and damage, especially when they’re not built according to the best engineering standards. The property owners, insurance companies, and courts will need to know what happened to the structure if it collapses, and this can only be done through forensic engineering.

To conduct a proper forensic investigation, those concerned will need the services of a licensed professional engineer. Professional engineers can conduct field examinations to inspect the pieces of evidence as well as document and review findings, conduct interviews, and others necessary methods for the accomplishment of a detailed investigation.

With the services of a reliable engineer, the repair work on the property can be fast-tracked. Professional engineers can also ensure a smooth turnover for a newly constructed house, guarantee fair insurance coverage, and function as expert witnesses during litigation processes.

Property owners in New York and Long Island will need to rely on the services of a licensed professional engineer in case their structures suffer from any damages. Check out this infographic by Tauscher Cronacher for more information on how engineers can help determine the cause of structural failures.


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