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What do you mean by Dedicated Server?

The dedicated server is a server operating system which runs the computer used for effective website hosting. A dedicated server will provide with total control and administrate the server. In the Dedicated server, you will be provided with the complete server without sharing. And moreover, a dedicated server has good advantages compared to shared web hosting, as the website will be having total control over the services provided. It also allows the user to select the suitable hardware, operating system, and different type of variables.

A dedicated server hosting is a web hosting service, in which a unique web-based server is included in a selected network. Mostly dedicated servers are allowed only to a single client of the web hosting company. Usually dedicated servers are being used by the big organizations and low budget organizations go for shared hosting due to the cost benefits which they get from shared hosting services. It provides good flexibility and control. Moreover, the users will have the entire server to their website and they will have good control along with the flexibility.

HostingRaja Dedicated Server plans and pricing:

All the Dedicated Servers of HostingRaja are built with good reliability and speed. Mostly our dedicated server will be online within 24 hours of your payment. In HostingRaja we will install your dedicated server within 24 hours of your purchase. Our team members aim at having all the servers enter the build queue within the 24 hours of the payment being received.

Basic server plans

HostingRaja Dedicated Server hosting:

If you are in search of reliable and low cost dedicated server in India, you can go for HostingRaja dedicated server. Our dedicated server provides good speed and reliability. HostingRaja dedicated server will help you in achieving your business goals and objectives. Each and every dedicated server will have specific parameters, which permits the users to access the account easily. As our data centers are located in India, we offer with good uptime and speed.

HostingRaja is one of the leading and affordable dedicated server providers in India. And we are the top picked dedicated server providers by the customers. We offer different types of dedicated servers to suit the demands of the clients. Our basic dedicated server starts at Rs 6110/month along with 99.99% guarantee, 24/7 Customer Support, unlimited email accounts, and much more of features included in the dedicated server plans.

Some of the features offered by HostingRaja:

1)Option to choose Apache / Nginx

2)PHP5 Support and SSL Secure Server

3) Varnish Cache server to speed up to 10X

4)IPv6 Support and Canned CGI Scripts

5) SPAM protection, Isolating spammers

6)Full CGI Access and Network Isolation

7)Real-time Malware Injection Scan

8)Real-time PHP/Mysql Injection Scan