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Power Your Business Success with Organization Charts

An Organization Chart is most probably one of the best, if not the best and most effective, visual communication tool that can represent an organization’s hierarchical structure. As a graphical tool, it is more effective that plain text as a primary reference tool to present key figures and other personalities in an organization. Org charts basically highlights business units, names and positions, but it can also include photos, roles and areas of responsibility as well. 

As a functional tool that company leaders can use for organizational design and development, org charts has evolved from being mere visualization devices, into a business tool that can be utilized in planning, operational management, human resources and marketing. It can provide internal or external customers, suppliers, prospects and employees a useful guide to help them identify the right person in the organization who can help them with their needs or concerns.

Depending on the size and magnitude of the organization, org charts can be simple and straightforward, or it can be complex such as in the case of SAP organization charts that are used by businesses with several employees and organizational units. Such complex charts can be designed, processed and created effectively with the use of advanced org chart solution tools like Nakisa Hanelly and other similar specialized org design software

The following infographic is geared towards providing users with a short but concise overview of how businesses can harness org charts to help them power up to organizational success. This visual tool can help enhance both external and internal coordination and communication, improve organizational efficiency, and boost employee performance.