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Understanding Forklift Pricing

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When looking to purchase a forklift, it’s hard
deciding whether to go with a new or used forklift. Each has its advantages and
drawbacks, something you should examine thoroughly before picking one. While
price isn’t the only factor that should matter when selecting a forklift, it
does define your options. This means that it plays a key role in whether you
choose a new or used forklift.

How forklift prices are

Asking how much a forklift cost is similar to asking
how much a car costs. If you asked a car dealer, they would respond with
several questions, including what kind of car? What features are you looking
for? Which model do you want? What kind of warranty or horsepower do you
require? Just as with cars, a lot of factors go into determining the price of a
forklift, whether used or new. When determining forklift prices, whether for
sale or rental, the following major factors are considered, they include:

  1. The capacity – this refers to the capacity of the tow motor.
    A high capacity motor will increase the price of a lift truck and vice
    versa. For instance, a 5,000 lb capacity lift truck costs more than a
    2,000 lb one.
  2. The
    size of the mast – even if you went to a Toyota forklift rental, you will find that most lift
    tucks have a standard, 189 degrees, 3-stage mast. What differs between
    models and makes is the height and configuration of this mast. Some are
    short, allowing them to fit into tight spaces while others are taller,
    allowing them to stack materials on high shelves—the taller the mast, the
    more materials needed to make it raising the lift truck’s cost.
  3. The
    type of fuel – Forklifts can be electric, pr powered using diesel, or
    liquified propane gas (LPG). Electric lift trucks are the most expensive
    as you pay for your fuel upfront by purchasing the battery that powers the
    truck. Diesel-powered lift trucks come in second because they require to
    be made more durable to prevent quick wear because of how the engine
    operates. LPG powered lift trucks are the least expensive by fuel option
    because LPG is half as costly as diesel per unit.
  4. Tire
    type – depending on the forklift model you pick, your tire choices include
    solid foam, cushion, or air-filled pneumatic tires. Black cushions or
    air-filled pneumatic tires are ideal for many lift trucks. Foam-filled
    tires are beyond the standard, so be prepared to pay more for them. You
    can also choose special features such as razor-siping for slick floors or
    non-marking tires for use on floors where tire marks would be undesirable.
  5. The
    hydraulics – most trucks come equipped with a three-way hydraulic valve
    and ingle inner hosing. This means the forklift’s hydraulics are designed
    to lift, tilt the mast, and control the side to side shifting of the side
    shifter. If you want something fancier such as a side shifting positioner,
    or slip-sheet attachment, you have to pay more because you need an extra
    valve section.

By knowing the price
factors for a new and used forklift, you can narrow down your choices and get
the most bang for your buck. The more features and customizations your forklift
has, the pricier it will be, whether used or new.

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