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Types of Family-Friendly House Models

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One of the most important things to take note of when looking for the ideal family home is the amount of space you will have. Will there be enough space to fit you, your spouse, and your children? Will you be able to fit in the right amount of furniture? At Cabanatuan East, there are a variety of types of models to help you find the right house and lot for sale in Cabanatuan City for you.

Row Houses

Phase one of Cabanatuan East is home to a series of row houses. These are homes joined by common sidewalls that are all of the same modern design. Cabanatuan East offers two kinds of row houses within the subdivision for you to choose from — Angelica and Jasmine.

The Angelica Type is a one-story row house with a loft. Its Min Lot Area is 40 sqm and its Floor Area is 24 sqm + loft of 12sqm. The Jasmine Type is a one-story row house. Its Min Lot Area is 50 sqm and its Floor Area is 32sqm.

Single Detached

Phase two of Cabanatuan East is a series of single-detached houses. These are stand-alone homes with space in between for you to park your car in. For this type of home, Cabanatuan East offers two kinds: Azalea and Dahlia.

The Azalea type is a two-story single-detached home. It has a total Lot Area of 100-165 sqm and a Floor Area of 50 sqm. The Dahlia type is also a two-story single-detached home, but with different room placements. It has a Lot Area of 120-239 sqm and a Floor Area of 70 sqm. Both types include a master bedroom and two other bedrooms.

These are the types of homes that you will be able to choose from within the safe and gated community of Cabanatuan East.

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