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In the world of cloud services, the demand for solutions like AWS can never be denied. It has attracted a huge crowd of users and thus it is one of the most sought-after solutions in the IT industry today. The demand is only increasing because of its features and the functionality it provides to its users. This is also the reason why many people think that this solution is beyond your reach. However, with the right training, you can easily AWS Solution Architect Certification.

The first thing you need to do is find a good school that offers these training courses. You can do this by searching on the internet. For instance, you can use the term ‘AWS’ to find thousands of schools that offer these courses. If you want to focus on a particular area, you can then look for the AWS region that the school is offering. Here, the term you will be looking for is ‘AWS region’.

Top 5 Courses to Crack AWS Solution Architect Certification

Once you get hold of the list of schools offering these classes, the next thing you must do is to analyze the course materials. For instance, you should make sure that the course material provided covers each topic related to the solution to the problem that the AWS users face. Furthermore, you should focus on the learning methodologies that are used in the course. For example, you should ensure that the course is taught using an agent-based learning model where the student uses virtual machines and agents to execute the tasks.

When teaching students in the online classroom or via the videos that you will provide them, you must give them enough time to grasp the concept without having to spend too much time on each detail. Of course, they may not have the experience to execute the tasks given to them in the course. They must also clearly understand the roles played by AWS, servers, consumers, and the business as a whole. They must also grasp the concepts that form the key concepts of AWS.

The course will then focus on how to use the tools provided in the cloud to deliver solutions. Solutions are delivered via threads APIs, and they must be able to handle mission-critical problems. These solutions must have comprehensive understandings of the issues AWS faces, and they must be able to address those issues through a comprehensive strategy. Such strategies become the foundation of the architect’s certification.

The students will learn how to automate the deployment of such solutions. There are two ways in which the solutions can be automatically deployed – through a tool or manually. If the latter is used, the students must not forget to set up the infrastructure for deployment. Otherwise, the deployment process will fail.

The solutions also must be able to identify the right customers and present the right solution to them. If the wrong customer is selected, then the solutions will fail as well. Such flaws must be caught at the earliest stage possible. The certification also provides detailed training on how to deploy the solutions in the real world.

The solutions also must provide insight into how to deal with real-world problems. The architecture of AWS stores, for example, is very complex. However, it is not only a simple problem of adding an array. Rather, it involves many other issues including data locality, versioning, elasticity, scaling, etc. Hence, students must have excellent problem-solving skills to master the necessary skills to manage these issues in real-life scenarios.

Architecting real-life solutions using AWS’s APIs is not an easy task. The solutions must be well documented. Moreover, the documentation must describe every single aspect of the architecture. Only then can the students apply their knowledge to real-world challenges. Further, the AWS APIs must also be described comprehensively to avoid confusion in future projects.

In addition to the previously discussed aspects of the architecture, students must also understand how to integrate the architecture into various deployment environments. This includes CI/CD, Private Cloud, and public cloud. Proper integration of the AWS services must be described. At times, it also makes sense to build the simplest possible solutions to make things easier for the students. For instance, it makes sense to create a library for common commands and use that library in all deployment environments.

The implementation of a proper strategy must also be considered in strategic planning. For instance, an IT manager can adopt an extensive test strategy across all AWS services. However, such test strategies must be validated regularly to ensure that they are still being executed according to plan. The implementation process must also cover all the phases of implementation and must include documentation for each phase. Only after the implementation process has been completed, the formal verification process must take place. Therefore, a proper strategy must be developed and followed to crack the AWS solution architect SAA-C02 Exam.

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