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The process of exfoliation of removing dead skin from the skin outer layer. Exfoliation improves the appearance of the skin. But if you do not do properly, it can harm your sensitive skin. You need to know the right process of exfoliation and you need the right exfoliating face sponge according to your skin type. It is important to exfoliate safely so that it does not affect or damage your skin or acne breakout or lead to increased redness. It is essential to consider your skin type before selecting an exfoliating method, like every type or method of exfoliation does not work for every type of skin. There many natural ingredients that are best for skin care and exfoliation. Facial skin is very sensitive, you cannot apply anything on your face. There are many homemade scrub recipes, you must try for exfoliating your skin naturally.


Sugar cane is one of a natural source of glycolic acid, alpha hydroxyl which boost new skin cells. It smooth and soften the skin. To make natural exfoliation skincare, mix a half-cup pf brown or white sugar with little olive to make a paste and apply to face in a circular motion. You can apply by your fingertips or facial sponge. Let sit the mask for 10 minutes on the skin and away with warm water.


To speed up the natural exfoliation process, honey is the best option. Honey has humectant qualities which are best for dry skin type especially. It helps attract moisture, it is great as a hydrating facial scrub. Squirt a good-sized dollop into clean hands and gently scrub face then wash with warm water.

Lemon juice:

Another natural alpha hydroxyl acid is lemon juice which removes dead skin cells. Take a quarter-cup each of lemon juice, grape juice, and apple juice, and sugar, mix until sugar dissolves. Apply the mixture with a cotton pad or soft facial sponge. For 10 minutes, leave on your skin so all the juice moisturizes your skin then rinse off. For best results and make your skin smooth and soft, apply this twice a week.

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