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An industrial gas turbine ignition system is an engine component of industrial gas turbines that uses primary fuels for continuous combustion. An ignition system is used to ignite and run industrial gas turbine engines.

Key vendors operating in the market are committed to a sustainable future and are trying to innovate and develop advanced hybrid energy systems for industrial gas turbines. For instance, OPRA Turbines launched the Hybrid Solar Gas Turbine cycle that can run on solar power and gasoline. During periods of low or no sunlight, the gas turbine can be operated on convenient fuel, thus ensuring high availability. GE, another key vendor, is integrating a utility-scale battery storage system with a gas turbine for Southern California Edison power plant.

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Hybrid industrial gas turbines offer many benefits, such as providing dynamic capacity solutions with a fast start and stop and dynamic load management capabilities. These turbines include highly efficient multifuel generators for reliable and efficient generation of power. Hence, the development of hybrid energy systems for gas turbines is expected to drive the growth of the global industrial gas turbine ignition system market at a CAGR of 8.25% during the forecast period.

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