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(1 )They are mostly found within the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

(2) Swordfish can be found within the ectothermic organism. Meaning they are dependent on exterior heating techniques they also have special organs right next to their eyes for warming both their eyes and brains. They can heat their eyes improving the quality of their vision and also increasing its ability to hunt.

(3) Swordfish are cold-blooded organisms.

(4) Swordfish are capable of living for more than 5 years in the wild provided suitable conditions are present.

(5) Swordfish can grow to a staggering length of more than (8 feet (ca. 244 centimetres)).

 110665077 Swordfish

(6) The swordfish body has an extended, dorsal fin, with an elongated sword that extends mainly from its snout. Henceforth, the name swordfish. The fin is used for slashing prey to wound the target animal making it easier to catch.

(7) Swordfish rank very high in strength and energy.

(8) Their bodies are sleekly designed for speed with an accomplishment of a top speed of up to 95 km.

(9) They are carnivores; they feed and hunt mostly during the night.

(10) Swordfish is a rapacious fish. They desire to live in temperate water bodies around the world.