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The Remora Fish an Amazing Creature

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(1)Remora fish’s most distinguishing feature is a suction cup located at the top of their heads.

(2)Remora fish body is elongated and grow to a length of 18 inches (ca. 46 cm).

(3)Remora fish can weigh up to 2 lbs.

(4)The Remora fish prefers swimming together with predators to forage on the scraps from their nourishing.

(5)The remora fish does not harm different animals using their sucker.

Remora remora

(6)Remora fish does not have a particular habitat they occupy several habitats.

(7)Remora fish normally prefer living on several host hosts including dolphins and sharks.

(8)Remora fish can be found mostly in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean.

(9)Remora is carnivorous feeding on food scrapings from the other animal’s hunting, parasites, and plankton.

(10)Remora reproduce via spawning little information is known about their spawning habit.