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The Blue Runner Fish

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(1) The Blue runner is mostly found in the Atlantic Ocean and the coast of Europe.

(2) The Blue runner is often targeted for commercial and recreational purposes.

(3) Blue runners appear silvery colored with a blue-green of hue to its scales.

(4) Blue runners have an average size of 3 ft (ca. 91 centimeters) in length.

(5) The meat of this fish can be eaten smoked or dried.


(6) This fish is carnivorous and feeds mostly on hunting for prey such as shrimp and smaller fishes.

(7) Blue runners are extremely social creatures found in groups know as schools.

(8) Blue runners can produce over a million eggs due to the spawning process.

(9) The average life span of these fishes is 10 years.

(10) They are also often used as bait fish.