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Sure your private gp/h will probably be reduced

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The problem with having gain rates in RuneScape isn’t inflation; it is deflation from getting items in RuneScape without sufficient sinks for them. Costs will not adjust pass alch prices. High gain rates make osrs best gold sites even worse Though anything could be farmed. Gold farmers cannot make cash from high xp prices other than selling pures, but then combat xp in RuneScape is fast. Until the players are only skillers, maximum playes do not quit RuneScape since they may still pvm or pvp. Though so it doesn’t really matter, this is not a problem for tier things that are high. What would be the intent of having a rune item sink or dlegs sink? High alch is great. If chambers of xerics was to be gold farmed by spiders, then yeah it would develop into a problem but that is not the situation.

I believe you’re missing the point, things adjust to inflation. It does not matter what gp/hr we’ve got, you will still wind up doing the same amount of gp farming as before. The caveat here is when the gp/hr methods that are very best aren’t devaluing high-quality items. Rune/dragon items that are dropping doesn’t matter because they become gold. If they dropped a mass amount of seeds/herbs or bis gear, then yeah it becomes a problem, but jagex understands this and it’s the reason they are now wary to include stuff like skilling provides to brand new supervisors, it is the entire reason zulrah obtained a loot rework a couple of years back.

They also don’t have to be more skillers to stop, some people simply eliminate motivation, yeah not all max players quit but completing that huge grind is enough for many people to have burnt out or get started playing other games, it’s a real thing. People today joke about RuneScape being a dopamine dependence and it is pretty much accurate, the sole dopamine you get after maximum is a major drop from a raid, which for a few just is not a big enough reason to keep playing. This is actually a very real problem in rs3, so we have evidence of this happening.I’m not just sure how this ties in with OSRS needing to keep xp rates low but gp rates high and I’m not positive if this is why RS3 gamers are quitting. Since it’s too grindy Since I can see the situation working the other way with players stopping OSRS.

I believe this is sort of the incorrect angle to take when looking at it. I don’t disagree with your conclusion, compensated revs and protection to be looked at, but I do not believe the large scale inflation standpoint is actually here. So long as the Revs are perishing if a PKer gets the loot or the PvMer it doesn’t matter, the sum of money would be recovered to the system regardless. Sure your private gp/h will probably be reduced if you are getting killed compared to paying for protection, however, the over-all gp being pushed into RuneScape will probably stay unchanged as long as they’re still”hot” content. The only method that would change is if people stop killing revs.

Currently is a gap between farming revs. Skulled they’re about 20% greater with regard to GP/h. So osrs best skill for money could be claimed that folks are farming revs while skulled due to it becoming safer. Its still not that hot to do though just because with security it is still possible to die. While skulled, if you discover some videos they all suffer from getting PKed.

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