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(1)They are normally found in South and North America Sheepshead fish can be found on the Gulf and the Atlantic coasts of the United States. It usually weighs on an average of 10 kg.

(2)The sheepshead fish has a compressed body with very sharp dorsal spines.

(3)This fish growth size averagely ranges from 14 to 18 inches.

(4) The Sheepshead fish has thick teeth with similitude to human teeth which is a distinguishing characteristic of the sheepshead fish. Their anterior teeth, posterior molars are Sharp and thick.

(5)A major threat to this is the repulsive Parasites like nematodes and trematodes they have to deal with.

(6)The body colour of this fish is usually gray or greyish yellow, struck with 5-7 vertical black bars.

Sheepshead Fish - Archosargus probatocephalus

(7)They normally prefer living in habitats with muddy shallows and shipwrecks.

(8)They tend to have a habit of spawning when the water temperature falls low.

(9)It feeds on oysters and hard shell crustaceans. They use their powerful jaws and sharp teeth to pry hard-shell and then crush the prey.

(10)Wondering how they grind hard shells they possess a throat plate for grinding their shells into small pieces.

(11)They can live for up to 21 years provided all conditions remains constant.

(12)All sheepshead are born female, and the largest amongst them become males due to hormonal changes. The dominant male travels around with many females.


(13)Sheepshead is diurnal and is more active during daylight. They usually hide in rocky crevasses and caves to avoid predators as a defense mechanism they can wrap their bodies in mucus so that predators are unable to smell them.