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Valentine’s Day is an occasion on which people love to spend some romantic time with their partner and especially express one’s love for them. Since the occasion is utterly romantic and filled with love, making one’s partner feel extra special with extra-special romantic gifts is something they expect from their loved ones. As a highly-renowned and the most trusted gift portal in India, IGP strives to enliven Valentine’s Day celebrations with a broad range of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts
and surprises. When it comes to romantic tokens of love, flowers are definitely the most fail-safe and preferred present, especially red roses. IGP has an exclusive and wide collection of beautiful roses and carnations for Valentine’s Day, including red roses, pink roses, yellow roses, and mixed bouquets. Each rose color holds a special significance in the Valentine’s Day ritual. Therefore, it is quite essential to comprehend what a particular rose color stands for.

Valentine Day Flowers For Him Represent Certain Emotions

Popularly known as the lover’s rose, red roses are the hallmark symbols of passion, desire, and love. It is believed that yellow roses signify friendship, trust, and happiness. A bouquet of yellow roses is often exchanged to convey affection, happiness, and warmth among the lovers. White roses exemplify humility, innocence, and purity and also symbolize loyalty and dedication. Many people consider that pink roses signify femininity and elegance, while orange roses signify desire and enthusiasm among people. Purple roses are the best choice for Valentine’s Day, and if you want to show someone that you have fallen for them and love them the most. So, if you want to showcase to your girlfriend or wife how deep your love is for her, go for fresh and fragrant flowers and send Valentine roses to her online from

Pick The Best Valentine’s Day Flowers for Delivery To Loved Ones
IGP has a vast assortment of various floral arrangements like rose bouquets, carnation vases, and flower baskets. It also houses plenty of bouquets or bunches containing assorted roses and other gourmet surprises. Apart from these, IGP’s selection of Valentine’s Day roses also consists of plenty of rose hampers, including chocolates, goodies, teddy bears, cakes, or greeting cards. If you desire to send roses for Valentine’s Day to your girlfriend or boyfriend who easily gets tempted by the sight of delicious chocolates, let alone their taste, then you should buy Valentine’s Day roses and chocolates for them online from IGP. If teddy bears kindle
the loving kid in your companion, buy Valentine’s Day roses and teddy bears for them, and make them bounce around with immense joy, excitement, and love! Apart from these, IGP also includes a wide assortment of beautiful lilies, orchids, carnations, roses, and gerberas, too. Since beautiful flowers and delicious cakes online are two of the most trendy gifts, irrespective of the occasion, IGP offers the same Day and midnight delivery options on these two gifts and surprises. If you are running out of time for Valentine’s celebrations and want to make the most of it, send Valentine’s Day roses to your spouse within 24 hours, and enjoy same Day Valentine’s Day rose delivery from the comfort of your home.

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