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Revealing article today, let’s dig in and learn the facts and stay optimistic always.

Becoming  a social angler requires in-depth information is very important to  never stop learning at least getting the facts right.

Reminisce becoming a good angler positivity is always the best policy.

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(1) The puffer fish has an inflatable body and sharp poisonous spikes serving as a defense mechanism.

(2) They prefer living in shallow waters and coral reefs.

(3) They mostly prefer living in the warmer waters bodies within

The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

(4) They are Omnivore creature’s feeding on both plants and other fishes.

(5) Their average life span ranges 5 to 10 years maximum.

(6) They can grow to an appreciable size of up 24 inches the smallest toad fish recorded was 6 inches (ca. 15 cm) in length.

(7) The puffer fish comes in a multiplicity of colours mainly, yellow, white and brown.

(8) The puffer fish has a very thick and rough skin.

(9) Male puffer fishes prefer guiding females to lay their eggs.

(10)  The puffer fish can enlarge its body when threatened; its body is  covered with venomous spikes containing tetrodotoxin, which can be 1,300  times stronger than cyanide.

(11) A single puffer fish can kill and average of 30 adult humans at a go.

(12) Sharks are the only species invulnerable to toad fish toxins.

(13) Male puffer fishes are known for making nests in the sand to attract females.

(14) The male puffer fish make their nest from sperms, and the toad normally changes its colour in response to the environment.

(15) A safety tip just be very careful you don’t get bitten by this fish it very dangerous and can end your life within seconds.

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