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The reason because of which we borrow a personal loan is that we fear that we are risking our stability of life by neglecting unforeseen expenses or we are overlooking the opportunities to live our life to the fullest. A risk is a possibility that the outcome or the consequences of a particular action (financially or non-financially) could be different from what is expected from it. Risks have negative connotations. They pose a threat to your peace of mind and have mostly negative results. Personal loans are given to comfort you and provide you with financial support so that you are relieved and you do not need to worry about your personal needs. There is a scope of things taking the wrong turn even after you have got a personal loan. Their risks attached with the personal loan that can be mitigated if dealt with carefully.

Some possible risks are:

  1. High personal loan interest rates-

Personal loans are unsecured forms of loan. Banks or NBFC (Non-banking Financial Companies) do not require individuals to present collateral. The personal loan interest rates are comparatively lower but in some of the cases, it may seem like a burden for individuals. Especially, if the individual or entity has a credit score below the required level, the personal loan interest rates levied will be slightly higher than usual. SBI personal loan policy is available at a nominal personal loan interest rate starting from 10.75% per annum.

  1. Credit score-

Getting a personal loan is an easy task. It has a straightforward process and a flexible repayment schedule. A personal loan is given majorly based on credit score. The higher credit score always fetches better terms of personal loans. Applying for a personal loan may temporarily impact your credit score. An individual needs to cover up this fall by paying the loan amount on regular basis without any delays.

  1. Borrowing funds for settling debts-

If an individual already has some debts he/she can still avail of a personal loan. It isn’t advisable to pay off a debt by getting another one. This may lead you towards a debt trap. Getting another loan will become a burden when you ettle the old one but have to meet the obligations of the ewe personal loan you have taken.

Personal loans are always available to rescue you from financial difficulty. Along with the personal loan, there are some responsibilities that you get. Do ask yourself before you get a persona loan, are you ready to bear the responsibilities and dutifully meet the obligations?

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