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Design and storytelling share a close relationship from the very beginning of the modern web. And one of the styles that made this relationship easier to portray on screen is the parallax scrolling effect. The layered background design, inspired by 2D games that used this technique to give more depth to the games, has proven themselves to be a worthy ally for those who aspire to tell a story through the website. But recently it has fallen out of the limelight, due to changing demands in web design. 

The demands might be changing, but people still love to hear and tell stories. And having this element will not only make the site look good, but engage users more. So while experts out there debate on the inefficiency of this design and how to design a parallax scrolling website that is relevant today, let us look at the reason parallax design became popular in the first place.

1. Increasing Page Depth

One of the main ways parallax scrolling helps the sites is by providing depth to the design through layers. The use of an overlying background makes it easier to provide a sense of depth without any additional animated elements. 

Usually, when the designers think of construct sites that provide visual depth rather than implementing the basic flat design, they have to apply a lot of animated designs and micro-interactions. However, when businesses create parallax scrolling, it is easier to give the design a better look. 

2. Creating User Flow Easily

Fashioning a user flow through the website is not an easy task. Normally, designers have to carefully choose content, and the placement to ensure that the users follow the path through the website that will lead to better conversions. However, it is not easy to make the right decisions when it comes to fashioning user flow throughout the website. And that’s why businesses often have to go for a scrolling website trend. 

With parallax design, this is not the case anymore. Following a layered pattern and story-telling element, the users are taken on a visual journey through the website, which also works as a perfect chance of integrating the best possible path the business needs, for better conversion. 

3. Hooks The user Right At The Beginning

The success of a site begins when it can hook the visitors from the very beginning. However, it is not an easy task to do, since visitors have a lot of options to choose from online and users are not really prone to check the entire content before making any decisions. 

Parallax scrolling, on the other hand, starts by intriguing the users from the moment it loads. It hooks the users with a brief content, and the more the user scrolls, the more they would be prone to convert into being a long term client.

4. Subtly Pointing Towards The CTA

Placement of a CTA is an important part of the conversion. If the CTA is placed in the wrong path, it will get completely ignored and conversion chances will take a hit. With an experienced web design agency based on New York or any other major city on board with the design, this issue can be easily solved.

Parallax design doesn’t let that happen though. It is one of the benefits of parallax designs: the CTA is always well positioned and noticeable by the users. The page transition effects make every element of the web pages stand out individually. This means that important page CTAs will not be ignored anymore.

5. One-page Design Made Interesting

Single-page sites often have a tendency to appear monotonous in appearance. But knowing how to create parallax scrolling will ensure that the single-page site looks way more attractive than the competitors online. 

This specific design allows the use of any color and motion (top to bottom, or sideways scrolling), creating a strikingly appealing design experience that becomes memorable. And needless to say in this competitive market, a business site needs to be memorable compared to the rest to be completely successful.

6. Generating Trust

The interactive design quality of this design builds a positive reaction among the users. Rather than passively trying to engage them on the site, the application of parallax scrolling engages the users actively. It develops an inviting and engaging atmosphere on the site than the users get engaged with willingly. 

The engaging vibe of the site builds a sense of positive intrigue among the users, and this is the first step towards gaining user confidence. So it can be said that parallax web design can help businesses to gain user reliance much faster.

Wrapping Up: Is Parallax Still Relevant?

Answering the question briefly: yes, it is still relevant. Parallax scrolling is a unique way of integrating depth, storytelling, and positive experience on the site without a lot of hassle. In a world where it is getting harder day by day to engage the users on a website (thanks to the surplus of websites on the same subject out there) something like this can help to engage the users easily on a site. There are plenty of ways to create a responsive parallax website. So discuss this with the design partner before dismissing the trend as a part of a bygone era.