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A fine writing today, let’s dig in and learn the facts and stay optimistic always.

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(1)Globally a good deal of sushi restaurants also prefer this fish due to is mild and tender meat.

(2)Their bodies are horizontally compressed with long dorsal fins.

(3)Tilapia remains one of the most eaten fish species on the planet after, salmon and tuna, due to its mild flavour and affordability.

(4)China still remains the largest producer of tilapia producing over 60% of the supply.

(5)The name “tilapia” refers to a hundred species of fish. Tilapia comes in a variety of colours, red and black.

(6)Tilapia is one of the easy to cook fishes and its meat contains many nutritional benefits.


(7)Tilapia is also important to the environment they are good at controlling duckweeds and other aquatic weeds.

(8)They weigh on the average of 6 kg depending on their feeding patterns and the environment.

(9)The Female tilapia spawns in the nest while the male fertilizes the eggs.

(10)Their average length is 28 centimeters. They have an average lifespan of more than 8 years.



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