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Great and informative article today, let’s dig in and learn the facts and stay optimistic always.

Becoming  a social angler requires in-depth information is very important to  never stop learning at least getting the facts right.

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(1)Nile Perch is a gigantic freshwater fish that lives in Africa mainly endemic to the Ethiopian regions.

(2)Egyptians  cultivated these fishes in fishponds 4,000 years ago. Nile perch ranks  as one of the world’s largest freshwater fishes.

(3)They weigh on an average of 156 pounds . Nile perch have deep, distended bellies.

(4)The Nile perch is endemic to Lakes Kyoga and Victoria.

(5)Female perch can produce an average of 7 million offsprings, usually their eggs takes 18 hours to hatching time.

(6)The Nile perch can grow to a length of 6 ft (1.83 m).

(7)Adults are normally brown with a silvery below, younger perch normally appear silvery with a blue tinge.

Photo Credit Gerling Safaris
Photo Credit Gerling Safaris

(8)Nile perch eyes have a bright yellow outer ring with a dark black in colour.

(9)They prefer living in warm tropical waters with a sufficient amount of oxygen,

(10)The Nile perch fish is a vicious predator that has a colossal feeding craving for feeding on crustaceans, insects, and fish.

(11)The insatiable appetite of the perch usually causes massive declines in any native fish habitat they are situated in.

(12)Perches serve as a rich source of food due to bone-free meat making it a viable meat option for commercially fishing.

Photo Credit 9Gag
Photo Credit 9Gag

(13)Fishing  for Nile perch is done mostly with live bait. Nile perch are good  fighters so just prepare in case you are planning on catching one.

(14)They can live for more than 15 years provided conditions present are adequate.

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