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Much Cheaper Solution To Finish FIFA 20 The Challenger Squad Building Challenge | FIFA 20 SBC Guide

In this post, we will discuss a much cheaper solution to completing the FIFA 20 The Challenger Squad Building Challenge. If you want to know how to do that? Keep reading now, please!

The FIFA 20 The Challenger Squad Building Challenge (SBC) might be one of the much easier ones to finish in the FIFA 20 game, but it’s still pretty easy to overspend when you are trying to find a solution. You need exactly 100 chemistry with all gold players, exactly two nationalities and three leagues, but you only can have a maximum of six players from the same of each. And right now, if you are looking to find a cheap solution for the FIFA 20 The Challenger SBC, then congratulations to you, you have already come to the right place because we have managed to do this for about 5,000 FIFA 20 coins.

Check This Out Much Cheaper Solution To Completing FIFA 20 The Challenger Squad Building Challenge (SBC):

It’s not a wise action that you spend too many coins on the FIFA 20 The Challenger SBC; all of the players we used were under 1,000 coins, with most coming in at 500 coins or under. And when it comes to the reward, you’ll get a pretty Rare Mixed Players Pack which comes with 12 players, and they are; four gold, four silver, and four bronze, and all of them are pretty rare. And all in all, that is not too bad for a squad you can complete with solely common players, right?

And in this solution, the most expensive player I used was Reguilon in the Spanish first tier, but, in the meantime, I have got no doubt that you could find someone slightly cheaper just like Cote or Didac Vila. Anyway, here is the full list of players I used and also including how much they cost.

Defense: Yellow

CB (Center-Back): K. Olivas [SPA 1/Spain] – 450 coins
CB (Center-Back): P. Jones [ENG 1/England] – 500 coins
LB (Left-Back (Full-Back)): Reguilon [SPA 1/Spain] – 800 coins
RB (Right-Back (Full-Back)): A. Smith [ENG 1/England] – 600 coins

Midfield: Green

CM (Centre Midfield): Bruno [SPA 1/Spain] – 400 coins
CM (Centre Midfield): T. Cleverley [ENG 1/England] – 400 coins
LM (Left Midfield): Juanmi [SPA 1/Spain] – 400 coins
RM (Right Midfield): J. Bowen [ENG 2/England] – 450 coins

Goalkeeper: Orange

GK (Goalkeeper): J. Robles [SPA 1/Spain] – 400 coins

Attack: Blue

ST (Striker): J. Rodriguez [ENG 1/England] – 450 coins
ST (Striker): Roger [SPA 1/Spain] – 500 coins

Finally, at least the number you need to earn FIFA 20 coins is 5,350, and that’s the perfect solution.

NOTICE, you need to know that the FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates so fast and even though this is the cheapest solution I could find right now does not mean this is the perfect solution forever. Therefore, we’d like to keep updating this guide once we find another better and more comprehensive solution. Also for more FIFA 20 SBC solutions, you can click here.