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Mechanical Qualities of P92 Pipes Chemical Composition

The maximum chemical makeup of the A335 P92 UNS K92460 material is 0.07-0.13 carbon, 0.30-0.60 manganese, 0.02 phosphorous, sulfur 0.01, 0.50 silicon, 8.50-9.50 chromium, and up to 0.30-0.60 molybdenum. For applications involving very high temperatures, it permits nominal wall and minimum wall seamless ferritic alloy-steel pipes. For stainless steel pipes of the sizes and schedules not covered by Nominal Pipe Size, Outside Diameter, Wall Thickness, and KG/M = Kilogram per meter, ASTM A335 P92 and the dimensional criteria of ASME B36.10 apply. includes additional pipe thicknesses made of stainless steel and offered commercially.

Excellent mechanical qualities were considered when designing the P92 Pipe chemical composition material. The material for pipes has an advantage in the market thanks to its exceptional qualities. The minimum yield strength and tensile strength of SA335 P92 material are 440 and 620 MPa, respectively. The material can be 20% longer and then formed into different shapes and sizes to create SA335 P92 pipe material. The maximum hardness of this material grade is 250 HB.

ASME SA335 Alloy Steel P92 Pipe Mechanical Compositions:

Tensile Strength, MPaYield Strength, MPaElongation, %Hardness, HB
620 min440 min20 min250 max

ASTM A335 P92 Pipes Specification:

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

Standard: ASTM A335, ASME SA335
Equivalent Standards: EN 10216-2, ASTM A213, ASME SA213, GOST 550-75, NBR 5603

Material: P921, K11597
Equivalent Material: T11

P92 Pipes Chemistry Composition:

To guarantee that the high quality of the material is maintained and there is no damage during the final stages of manufacturing, ASTM A335/ASME SA335 P92 High-Pressure Steel Pipe is individually wrapped by hand. In order to ensure secure packaging and fast delivery of the specified consignment, we advise using plywood cases or pallet packaging. There are imprints on ASTM A335/ASME SA335 P92 High-Pressure Steel Pipe that are pertinent to the task information (e.g., heat number, size, material, and part number). Additionally, all delivered ASTM A335/ASME SA335 P92 High-Pressure Steel Pipe bears a mark with this information.

Oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, food and beverage, and engineering industries all use ASTM A335 P92 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes extensively. Hardenability, wear resistance, high-temperature sustainability, enhanced strength, toughness, and corrosion and oxidation resistance are only a few of the qualities of ASTM A335 P92 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes.