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Leading Alloy Steel Long Radius Bend Supplier

A crucial type of pipe fitting is the pipe elbow fitting. A length of pipe with a severe bend in it is known as a pipe elbow. Pipe elbows are a common fitting accessory used in many different industrial areas for pipe connection. A pipe elbow can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes for usage in a variety of applications. And it is typically applicable in pressurized applications. Usually fitted between two lengths of pipe or tube. Many Alloy Steel Long Radius Bend Supplier offer these bends at an affordable price. A pipe elbow allows for a change in direction of 90° or 45°.

Alloy Steel Long Radius Bend Supplier

The general word for a change in pipe direction is a bend. The ambiguous definition is what includes elbows. The elbow is a word useful in engineering and can have a radius of 54 degrees, 90 degrees, or both.

Properties of Alloy Steel Long Radius Bend

  • Size: Outer Diameter (D): D<=1220mm
  • Wall Thickness (T): T<=120mm
  • L/R Elbow( 90deg & 45deg & 180deg.),
  • S/R Elbow (90deg & 180deg.)
  • Pressure: SCH5 to SCH160.
  • Manufacturing standards: ANSI, JIS, DIN, EN, API 5L, etc.
  • Bending Angle: Degree 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 135, 180 and also could manufacture according to the angles.
  • End Bevel: According to the bevel of welding Pipe fittings construction
  • Surface treatment: Shot blasted, rust-proof black oil

Features of AS Long Radius Bends

The long radius elbows have many uses in the construction, paper, cement, and shipbuilding sectors as well as for joining pipes of various sizes. The elbow is a type of pipe fitting that is frequently used to create connections between two pipe lengths. And to change the flow direction into different pipes at an angle of 180 degrees. These elbow pipe fittings, also known as bends, come in a variety of materials. The return curve, also known as the 180° Long Radius Elbow, enables a complete reversal of flow. It offers characteristics such as high mechanical strength, tough design, smooth surface finishes, excellent dimensional precision, an anti-corrosive body, and resistance to pitting and oxidation.