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The coronavirus had a significant impact on many businesses across the globe, including sports betting. As aspect of our social life has been unpredictable—from going to work up to attending events—many industries faced a significant blow, which made the sports betting industry go into hibernation. There is no single sports event to be a platform of live betting in Kenya, and it’s a distressing age for many bettors.

Before the pandemic caused “the great depression” to all of us, sports betting in Kenya has always been lively—many punters were betting on Premier League games. Although we are in this depression, many football fans see the silver lining and are planning to predict the match’s results, although the current season may end sooner than expected.

As unconventional as it may seem for other people, there are die-hard sports betting enthusiasts who research to support their predictions. For the record, now is the best time to study for the next season—chances of changes in the match’s outcome are high If the Premier League resumes mid-June behind closed doors. So, make sure to check on players who will play in the Premier League.

To keep you updated on the Premier League, here are research tips on sports betting in Kenya, brought to you by Chezacash.

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