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(1)They’re mostly found in New Zealand and within southern parts of Australia.

(2)They are known as Australasian salmon, due to its close similarity to salmon.

(3)The Kahawai tends to have a firm strong swimming muscle. Making them very fast swimmers.

(4)They have blue-green with a silvery underneath with a dispersed dark grey spot on the back.

(5)Astonishingly they have very soft lips which can be easily ripped making them very difficult to catch.

(6)Kahawai is valued for its aggressive ability and is a popular target by many anglers.

(7)They  are mostly found in-depth of more than 160 meters. They also tend to be  a schooling species that primarily travel in groups.

(8)They tend to be rapacious predators. They are austerely carnivorous creatures, consuming, anchovies and yellow-eyed mullet .

 (9) they prefer to attack the tail of their prey, they tend to be  pictorial feeders that hunt and attack anything that resembles food.

(10)They can grow to an average size ranging between 35–60 cm in length with an average weight of 5 kg.

(11) They usually prefer reproducing in warm shallow water during the summertime, mostly March to April.

(12) They can live to be 26 years old in the wild provided all things being equal.