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Lately, people have been discovering new materials that are being provided by our precious natural resources. In which they are evolving it into the things we use inside our home. Such as that mahogany cabinet you have in your kitchen or that marbled tiles you have in your living room.

This same goes for the newest imported kitchen counters that were created in the early 2000s and is still reliving its popularity in 2020, which are the quartz kitchen countertop and the granite countertop. That there’s even a show regarding which of the two is stronger and better to be used in your kitchen. And up until now, it is still one of the talks of the town.

Nevertheless, both quartz and granite countertops have their advantages and disadvantages. Knowing these facts will be a big help to you on deciding on what to choose between the two for a new replacement for your kitchen counter.

So, is quartz better than granite countertops?

Then, read the infographic below brought to you by Best Kitchen Countertops to learn more: