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As an entertaining angler it very necessary to keep updated with in-depth information concerning the latest trends and developments in the world of fishing.

Being a user of the FISHSURFING fishing app, I am enjoying every moment of it.

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Screenshot 20200119-210220 Fishsurfing

This fact is mostly overlooked and I believe every angler needs to know the type of water bodies by heart as this information aids the angler in his or her fishing endeavor for maximum success.


Did you know seas are just smaller bodies of water when compared to oceans? The Mediterranean Sea and the Bering Sea are among some of the largest seas on the planet.

The Dead Sea in Israel is a saltwater lake. It believed nothing can survive in the water due to its salty nature.

Black sea - turkey


Lakes are water bodies surrounded by land. Lakes can be fresh or salty water lakes. Notable lakes in the world include Lake Victoria, Lake Aral and the Dal Lake Caspian Sea remains the world’s largest lake.

Lake mapourika NZ


There two kinds of rivers namely Snow-fed rivers and the second is the Rain-fed rivers.

Rivers are big flowing water bodies that end in the sea. Rivers are freshwater bodies of water, generally originate from high elevations, and are added to by smaller bodies of water such as streams, and rainfall.

The world’s lengthiest river is the Nile in Egypt, trailed by the Amazon River in South America, and China’s Yangtze coming in third.

Loboc river


Glaciers are ice-covered rivers, Glaciers are prehistoric bodies of water, with some, such as the Arctic Ice Sheet being over 20 million years old.



The Pacific Ocean the largest ocean on earth, covering one-third of the earth’s surface. Oceans play an important for providing food, through the many fish species that populate the oceans, Oceans are home to a variety of plants and seaweed and thousands of sea creatures like the sea urchins, whales, a variety of fish, snakes, squids, etc.

Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean


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