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Is your fixture regurgitating muck that shouldn’t be in your home? Or do you have sewage that’s not going down the drain? Then, you might want to check your home’s drainage system.

Homeowners have encountered, at least, one plumbing problem in their home, and while clogged drains can often be solved with a plunger and standard drain cleaning can be done with store-bough cleaners, other drainage issues need to be addressed at the source.

Clogs and leaks can occur from one of the pipes connected to fixtures. However, they can also come from the main sewer line. Most homeowners do not know where the main cleanout is located in their home, and that can result in more problems if repairs can’t be done right away.

For major issues in the sewage line, professional plumbing services like Mr. Rooter Plumbing can provide trenchless sewer line repair for a less intrusive and more affordable fix than the traditional open-trench method.

Being knowledgeable about the home plumbing system gives every homeowner an advantage when the need arises for sewer line repair & replacement, especially an emergency service. If you just moved into a new home, contacting the previous owner can help you locate the main sewer line quicker than scouring the property. However, if there is no one to assist you, here are some ways on how to find your sewer line.

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