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Car accidents are inevitable. Thus, getting car insurance in Manila can help if ever such unfortunate incidents occur. Plus, you can protect the passengers and other parties who got involved in the accident.

Car policies are not the same; some have more features than the others – you must be smart. First, research before weighing the offers as the one you’ll choose must be worth your money.

Unlike before, most companies nowadays let their clients pick more options to have better freedom in decision-making. Hence, they gain higher financial savings.

In terms of payments, make sure to have a list of payment options. For some, it’s more convenient to pay annually. On the other hand, others prefer paying monthly or quarterly – know what works best for your needs.

The best way to find a reliable insurance company is by asking relatives and dear friends about their car insurance policies. Listen to their stories, particularly when filing a claim.

However, many insured people are not familiar with the different damages that may revoke their insurance – it won’t be an excuse once you get a claim. There are several ways car owners can cancel their insurance policies. Here’s in an infographic by

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