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How Forecast Will Change The Way You Approach Aquaculture Market In Indonesia 2023

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Aquaculture is the process of rearing and cultivating aquatic animals and plants for food under controlled conditions. The process includes the farming of over 30 species of freshwater macrophytes; about 35 species of seaweed; about 50 species of microalgae and invertebrates as fish-food organisms in hatcheries; over 540 species of finfish, mollusks, crustaceans, and other invertebrates; and a few species of amphibians and aquatic reptiles.

To constantly provide value-added products and attract more customers, the key competitors are offering a diverse range of new species with economic and biological potential. For instance, new finfish species such as meagre, greater amberjack, and Atlantic wreckfish have been introduced.

This trend directly focuses on the development of aquaculture and provides core scientific and commercially useful information to support the growth of aquaculture production and in the advancement of new technological tools. Thus, the increasing popularity of new aquaculture species will drive the aquaculture market in Indonesia to grow at a CAGR of 17.70% during the forecast period.

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