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Basically, Roku error code 001 is an activation code. When the user enters a wrong password or didn’t link the Roku account with a verification code then mainly error code 001 on Roku arrives. 

Sometimes, also there were some basic issues that lead to error 001 on Roku. And surprisingly it can be your mistakes too. 

The best solutions to overcome this issue are on the screen that you are looking upon. This article will provide a proper guide to know how can you fix Roku error code 001. 

Great To Know… 

The users can even by themselves resolve the issue very easily. Do you want to know how? If the user will follow the guidelines properly then he or she can easily tackle this problem. 

But yes, you have to remember to not even mistakenly skip any of the instructions otherwise the consequence would not be good. 

Here Is How Can You Fix Roku Error Code 001

Sharing steps with you is our pleasure. We hope the steps would definitely be useful to you and quickly help you to overcome error code 001 on Roku. 

So, without wasting more time just have a look at the steps stated below. 

Solution 1: Activate Account

The first step that takes you out of this issue is to activate your account, doing this will surely help you a lot. 

  • So, to login to your Roku account first, you have to turn on the Roku tv. 
  • Now, search for the link on google {}. 
  • After that enter the activation code. 
  • Then tap on the submit option. 

And there you go. See, how easy it was to activate the account. If you are still going through the same error 001 on Roku then look towards the further steps. 

Solution 2: Check The Internet

Sometimes, a low internet may be responsible for the errors. You have to make sure that the internet should be strong, stable, and reliable. 

CHECK THE SPEED OF THE INTERNET – it can be possible that the speed is low, to overcome suspicion just check it. Nowadays there are online internet speed checkers available. You can do it from there also. 

CHECK THE STRENGTH OF THE INTERNET – to check the strength connect the router with a computer/Laptop/Phone and then turn on google and their type something and click on the magnifying glass {At the top on right side}. 

And the results are very simple to judge. If the result of the search is there on the screen it means the strength is good but if not then kindly look at the mentioned bulleted points, these points will surely help you to fix internet strength issues. 

  • Remove all the objects across the router and the Roku Tv.
  • Maintain a proper distance in both of them, do not place them adjacent to each other. {Maintain 4 to 5 feet gap}. 
  • Disconnect other devices if connected. 

Solution 3: Reboot The Device

The best and ever easy step to overcoming your issue is only to restart your gadget. The restart will help the user or technician to overcome whatever problem in an easy way and also it is very effective. 

A restart helps the Device fix internal defects. So, all you have to do is to just disconnect the internet and then turn off your device, after that also remove the wires and wait for around 15 minutes and then turn on the device. 

Connect it with a strong internet and there you go. See, hope easy it was to tackle with the Roku error code 001. 

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