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Necklaces are one of the ideal gifts one can give to a girl, especially since there are many different styles available. Women have diverse jewelry preferences, especially regarding the type of metal used for the jewelry piece. Anyone who wants to give girls a necklace must consider what metal to choose as a gift.

The different metals used to create beautiful jewelry like necklaces include gold, platinum, silver, base metal, and titanium. Such metals have different properties and look different from others, making it essential to choose wisely since some women prefer one type of metal from the other. People who are on a budget should also consider which one to get.

Gold necklaces are one of the most popular necklaces available in the market. Gold jewelry is made by combining other metals like nickel, copper, zinc, and silver to improve their durability. Among the shades of gold available are white, yellow, rose, and green gold that have different appearances in terms of color.

Platinum is another ideal choice for women, thanks to the metal’s excellent quality. Platinum has exceptional durability, but the jewelry is rather expensive.

Silver is widely-used for necklace chains, particularly sterling silver. Such metal produces durable jewelry pieces that can withstand any degradation. Sterling silver jewelry, however, needs strict maintenance to keep them from looking old.

Base metal, which is commonly made of brass, titanium, nickel, and copper, is excellent for the necklace’s pendant, thanks to its durability. Base metal, however, oxidizes quickly when poorly maintained.

Titanium jewelry is the most durable out of them all as well as being resistant to scratches. Titanium is also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for women with worries about getting allergic to jewelry.

There are many options for the metals used for jewelry pieces, and it’s vital to choose the right one when getting custom jewelry Philippines for her as a present. For more information, see this infographic by Adeva Jewellery.