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While people often believed that a home-based job would be quite healthier than doing it from an office, working from home certainly has a few downsides too, especially when it comes to the employee’s overall well-being.

If you belong to this type of worker, here are five simple tips that could help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in working under the comfort of your own home.


A rather simple tip, sticking to your habits and rituals are useful when it comes to organizing your work environment and keeping your stress at minimum.

2. MICROBREAK is your friend

Microbreaks are quick breaks that you can do as you work, like toilet breaks or stretching exercises for a minute or two. It doesn’t necessarily count as a break time since you will go back as soon as possible after refreshing yourself. Even taking time to stay away from the computer monitor for no more than 20 seconds can count as a microbreak.

3. YOUR work, your rules!

One of the best advantages of working from home is that you have total control over your working environment. Use it at its fullest.

4. Stay connected.

Always keep in touch with your colleagues in the office by calling or chatting, especially when you’re feeling lonely or in need of emotional help. Having that human connection even while working alone could always go a long way. Your mental health is always important too!

5. A healthy diet is always a must

In addition to habits and rituals, it is utmost important to keep yourself healthy by eating healthy food and drinks. Try to keep the junk food at bay as much as you can. Having a home-based job isn’t all about sunshine and rainbows. You still have to take care of yourself to ensure that you will fulfill your professional responsibilities and have a healthy work-life balance. For an in-depth explanation about these tips, check out this infographic below, brought to you by OVA VIRTUAL.

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