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Global Orthopedic 3D Printing Devices Market 2019-2023

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The adoption of 3D printing technologies is increasing significantly as it uses a patient’s medical imaging to develop patient-matched devices and surgical instrumentation. Clinicians can fabricate customized implants that include complex shapes and geometric features, which is possible due to the nature of additive layer manufacturing in 3D printing. This facilitates the formation of tortuous internal channels, internal support structures, and porous engineered structures, all of which would not be possible using conventional subtractive manufacturing techniques. Moreover, 3D printing helps in the development of customized surgical implants, which are designed to fit precisely into any anatomical defects or malformations.

This global orthopedic 3D printing devices market 2019-2023 research report also analyzes other important trends and market drivers that will affect market growth over 2019-2023.

Global orthopedic 3D printing devices market: Rising focus on R&D of 3D bioprinting
3D bioprinting is gaining immense popularity across the world and is increasingly being investigated for orthopedic applications. 3D bioprinters use a computer-guided pipette to layer living cells, referred to as bio-ink, on top of one another to create artificial living tissues. Moreover, 3D bioprinting offers several benefits over the traditional regenerative method. It allows highly precise cell placement and high digital control of the speed, resolution, cell concentration, drop volume, and diameter of printed cells. Several vendors are increasing their R&D efforts in devices for 3D bioprinting, fuelling the growth of the orthopedic printing devices market during the forecast period.

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