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Global gene amplification technologies market at a CAGR of over 9% in 2019

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Gene amplification technologies involve the use of amplification assays to increase the number of gene sequence copies without improving the proportionality of other genes. Amplified gene copies are further utilized in qualitative and quantitative genetic analyses. 

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There is a surge in the utilization of gene amplification products among reference laboratories due to the rising demand for genetic testing services. The rising popularity of genetic testing services, such as ancestry testing and paternity testing, has resulted in a high adoption of consumer genetic services, specifically among the millennial population. For instance, approximately 25-28 million consumers have adopted ancestry testing services. This has indirectly propelled the demand for gene amplification kits and assays in the reference laboratories offering such services across the world. 

Furthermore, the rising prevalence of hereditary diseases has increased the need for identification of disease risks among individuals with a family history of genetic diseases. The demand for determining the risk of cancers through genetic tests has increased due to the rising mortality rates associated with cancer. This has promoted the use of dedicated gene amplification kits in direct-to-consumer testing for cancer risk analyses. Hence, the rising demand for gene amplification kits and assays in consumer genetics is expected to drive the growth of the global gene amplification technologies market at a CAGR of 9.01% during the forecast period. 

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