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Thrilling article today, let’s dig in and learn the facts and stay positive always.

Becoming a social angler requires in-depth knowledge is very important to never stop learning at least getting the facts right.

Remember to become a good angler positivity is always the best policy.

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(1) Giant gourami is native of Asia and Australia.

(2)  In Asia, the gourami serves as a potent agent in controlling weeds  populations due to their insatiable eating appetite for sea weeds.

(3) The fish is bred in many countries due to it’s a high significance for commercially farming.

(4)  They are omnivores in nature feed both and plants mostly herbs and  small fishes. Freeze-dried bloodworms, legumes, partially or fruits.

(5) They possess the ability to breathe with humid air and can survive a long period.

(6) This fish has a widespread and level body.

(7)  A distinguishing feature about the gourami is its pointy snout during  infancy supplemented with stripes various stripes on its body. During  development, their coloring gets paler becoming completely white, or  gray.

(8) Gourami has a considerable long lifespan spanning more than 18 years in the wild.

(9) They are natural peaceful fishes which possess no harm to human and onlookers.

(10) Their average size ranges from 13–24 inches.

(11) During the spawning period the male fish high forehead, darker body coloring becomes virtually black.

(12)They  are egg-laying fishes interestingly the males uses debris from water  plants and plant rubbish before spawning which takes about 10 days to  build.

(13) Their larvae get hatched within 24 hours.