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1.  The wrasse belongs to the Labridae family itcan be found in subtropical  and tropical waters of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean.

2.  It prefers living in rocky shores, coral reefs, and sandy seafloor.  Their breeding season is mostly all year round under in temperate areas.

3.They are listed as threatened species.

4.Common characteristics of wrasses include long dorsal and anal fin.

5.They  are very fast-moving fishes; they use their pectoral fins for  forwarding motion they also use their caudal fins for propulsion when in  danger.

6.They are diurnal by design.

7.Being carnivore in nature it feeds mostly on crabs, shrimps, and sea urchins.

8.They can grow to a length of 88 inches.

9.  There are colorful fishes with a wide variety of colors ranging from,  yellow, red, blue, grey, and brown concealed with several bars and  markings.

10.Their natural rivals include barracuda and sharks.

11.They are mostly belligerent and territorial during adulthood.

12.Interestingly wrasses can be born as females, and they can change sexual orientation and transform into males amazing right.

13.They have a life span of more than 3 years.

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