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FISHSURFING (Android, iOS) is social networking fishing app used by thousands of people angling enthusiasts and people who enjoy fishing.

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The fishing app has grown to become a worldwide social networking platform that allows sharing fishing experiences with other experienced anglers.

The platform can be used for finding current information about fishing events, shops, and guides.

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Signs and Signals are everywhere if we open ourselves to nature it helps us anglers to better decode fish behaviors within the aquatic environment.

There are many signs in nature that anglers can use in getting great catches apart from the dependency on fishing apps.

(1)Diving Birds in the Atmosphere

Any bird diving who usually falls out of the sky has an objective in mind to find food either on land or in water.

The rapacious characters of birds allowing them to attack based on chance send a strong signal that there is plenty of fishes nearby.

while driving Be cautious not to get on top of the fish, your incidence is another influence that can push the school, sometimes toward region of safety , which defeat the purpose of the objective.

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(2)Croaking Frogs

Subsequent any time you hear the sounds of crickets and frogs. If you can hear frogs croak, then other fishes will certainly hear also.

Scientifically whenever a frog croaks in means it has spotted a fish or something moving in the water body this technique remains a great way to gauge prey and marauder activity level in your potential fishing target area.

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(3)Eurasian Beaver Huts

Eurasian Beaver hut is noticeable to the stark-naked eye. By keeping a lookout for beavers you can rapidly control and identify the prime fishing zones in your locality.

Beavers on occasion make a hut not by mere accident any time a beaver chooses a location it is based on available food nearby quick access to water and a structure that can support its hut.

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