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Worried about the baggage allowance while traveling? Book flight tickets with the KLM Airlines and pack your bags with an open-heart. Unlike all other airlines, KLM has a flexible baggage policy that allows passengers to bring a decent amount of luggage on board. It is advised to check out the airline’s baggage policy before making KLM Reservations. There is a certain limit up to no baggage charges are applicable; however if you cross the specific limit, you will have to incur additional baggage fee. Let’s find out the baggage allowance limit offered by KLM Airlines to facilitate the passengers. 

KLM Airlines Baggage Fees

It is essential to know about the limit of carry-on and checked baggage before preparing for the trip with KLM Airlines. According to the KLM Airlines baggage policy:

Carry-on Baggage

  • You are allowed to carry one hand baggage and one accessory in the Economy Class and two hand baggage and one accessory in the Business Class. 
  • The total weight of the carry-on baggage (hand baggage + accessory) must not cross 12kg for the Economy Class passengers and 18kg for the Business Class passengers. 
  • The maximum dimensions for the hand baggage are 55 X 35 X 25cm and for accessory are 40 X 30 X 15cm. 

Checked Baggage

  • One checked baggage of a maximum of 23kg is allowed in the Economy Class and 2 pieces of checked baggage each maximum 32kg are permitted in the Business Class. 
  • The maximum dimensions of the baggage must not exceed 158cm. 

Additional Baggage

  • If your luggage exceeds the predefined baggage allowance limit, then it is referred to as the additional baggage and you will have to pay the extra fee to carry the same. The maximum weight and dimensions of the baggage up to which no fee is applied are 23 or 32kg (depending on the traveling class) and 158cm respectively. 

How Much Will You Charge For Carrying The Additional Baggage?

The additional baggage charges depend on the number of extra pieces as well as the destination. It starts from USD/ CAD/ EUR 35 and reaches maximum up to CAD330. Let’s find out the list of additional baggage fees for different destinations and make KLM Reservations accordingly. 

Within France

  • 1st piece: USD/ CAD/ EUR 35
  • 2nd piece: USD/ CAD/ EUR 70
  • 3rd piece: USD/ CAD/ EUR 70

Between USA and all others

  • 1st piece: No Fee
  • 2nd piece: USD/ CAD/ EUR 75
  • 3rd piece: USD/ CAD/ EUR 200

Europe + Israel

  • 1st piece: USD/ CAD/ EUR 40
  • 2nd piece: USD/ CAD/ EUR 70
  • 3rd piece: USD/ CAD/ EUR 70

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