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Discover The Beauty Of All Time Classic Chettinad Cotton Sarees

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If you really love draping sarees and stick to Indian tradition, then the trendy and vibrant Chettinad Cotton Sarees are the best to be added to your wardrobe collection and of course it is a pride to wear. Besides popular for lip-smacking cuisine and wonderful tasty varieties, now the Chettinad district of Tamil Nadu has something more to adore. Yes it is kandaangi or Chettinad Cotton Sarees which distinguishes its uniqueness with bursts of lively colour, stripes, bold checks, and contrasting hues.

Sarees are the perfect attire suitable for every occasion

AnchorThe sarees has seen many revolutions since its inception, but never has lost its elegance in any form. Whether you search for strict traditional attire or graceful clothing for an auspicious day or for a gorgeous party wear, draping sarees stand all there. And when it comes to cotton fabric, it is one of the most comfortable and breathable fabrics for Indian people, especially during summer days.

Being appreciated for diversified cultures, we have been filled with so many choices of cotton sarees that suit all occasions. In fact, the Chettinad Cotton Sarees are the foremost choice for the daily wear of office goers. And, one more happiest point to choose this kind of sarees – they are pocket friendly and come in very affordable price tags.

The traditional beautiful Chettinad Cotton Sarees

If you look at those old days, these kandangi sarees are worn as without a blouse and also come in shorter length in the leg portion and the draping style makes the ankles visible. Although an appearance they seem to be thick and heavy, yet they are lightweight. These days, these sarees come in full length, just opposite to the older style with the body of the saree in one color accompanied with contrasting pallu and border, typically have thin strips across the material. But it would be sad for those women who love to have embroidery or patterned pallu type sarees, because these kandaangi dresses don’t fall down to this category.

Effective tips for your beloved sarees

Don’t let the excitement of buying these sarees be the obstacles to take well care of them. As you put more care in buying, the similar caring is vital to maintain the beauty of these attires. Generally, starching is preferred before draping the saree as it is the factor behind the reputation of the clothing. The secret for a perfect wearing lies in the perfect starching process. These sarees can be best draped if you pleat well and neatly pin it to the shoulder.

These kinds of sarees normally tend to turn up at the bottom portion and sewing falls areas will prevent them from doing that. Falls sewing also helps you to take pleats easier. A simple well fitted blouse is enough to make that style statement you need for the celebration. If you add a gold jewelry set to your accessory list, then it’s sure that you are going to rock the moment. The trend that is on live is wearing kalamkari blouse designs which can go well with these Chettinad Cotton Sarees. Terracotta jewelry collection is also an awesome choice.

Are you passionate about modern designs in traditional clothing? Don’t worry; these are the sarees that will fulfill your desires. They come in versatility and make ideal choices for office wear, ethnic day festivals, parties and any kind of celebration. Let your ceremonies be enlightened with traditional outfits that have contemporary twists as well.

There can be no other better fabric that suits for these sunny days. Wearing this cotton fabric clothing you can have a fresh feel all day. It is breathable, non-sticky featured attire and you can make the styling and draping as you want. You can do hand wash or machine wash, with every wash the cotton fabric becomes softer and you don’t have to carry the annoyance as you generally have with expensive silk kinds of fabrics. If you want to defend you from hot summer and hence in the search of some skin friendly cloth collection, then cotton can be the wise choice. Stay away from irritating or inconvenient dresses, browse and shop for curated collections of handcrafted cotton clothing and bid goodbye to sweating attires.  The ‘India Handloom’ tag carried over the collection will speak for its reputation, uniqueness and identity. Contribute to the culture with the striking colors sarees that also have an appreciable combination of checks, stripes, and color contrasts. After all, cotton sarees are the great way to start off your saree draping in a cooler way.

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