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Revealing article today, let’s dig in and learn the facts and stay optimistic always.

Becoming  a social angler requires in-depth information is very important to  never stop learning at least getting the facts right.

Reminisce becoming a good angler positivity is always the best policy.

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(1)Devil  rays have been around for a very long time fossil records estimated  calculations indicate the time frame from 18 to 28 million years on the  planet.

(2)Many  species of devil rays can be found within tropical environments,  temperate and coastal waters in the Mediterranean eastern Atlantic  Ocean.

(3)Devil  rays remain the only vertebrates in the world with only three pairs of  limbs. This includes their cephalic, pectoral fins and the pelvic fins.

(4)Devil rays are known to accomplish unbelievable surface gymnastics namely twists, turns, high jumps, and belly flop.

(5)They  mostly perform these extreme high jumps to escape from predators,  removing parasites, communication and courtship rituals.

(6)Their cephalic fins are curly and pointy giving the appearance of devil horns hence their name.

(7)Devil rays can dive into extreme depths of nearly more than 3km at speeds of 16mph.

(8)They are ovoviviparous their females develop and hatch their eggs inside the body, before giving birth to live offspring’s.

(9)In some extreme cases, some rays can become pregnant for up to two years.

(10)They are harmless shy creatures who tend to be predominately filter-feeders feeding on plankton and small fishes.

(11)It is believed that rays can to live for more than 20 years.

(12)Devil rays also have predator’s namely killer whales and sharks.

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