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What are the main Features of Snap Chat?

The mobile app that can create photos, video, message and then send it to multiple friends. This mobile application permits the user to take the picture, make videos, record voices and add captions. The Snap Chat also allows you to add captions and filters. These filters have different effects, faces, and other characteristics. The special feature of this Snap Chat is that the messages or photos will be removed within 24 hours and previously it took those seconds to disappear. To Make App Like Snapchat, you must understand the language of the Snapchat if you are the beginner.

  • The word snap means the photo or the video that is sent to the friends,
  • There is an option of a story which means that your friends can see the photos or video for the next 24 hours,
  • When the other user responds the snap, it is called snapback,
  • The number of photos or videos you have sent is recorded in your profile that is called scores,
  • The users who use snap chat app are named as snap chatters,
  • There are other options as well; these options evolve according to the new technology development in Snap Chat.

Main Features of SnapChat:

If you are planning to create an app like Snapchat, you must know that there are some features, which Snap Chat is providing. So that you will understand what unique elements, you have to include in the app.

  • Snaps – Sharing and capturing: this feature allows the user to capture the picture or video and send it to the friends. This picture or video will disappear from the chat within either a few seconds or 24 hours.
  • Lenses: While you are capturing the picture, you can also use filters or lenses that will allow you to create a creative animated picture or video.
  • Geo-filters: These are similar to the originals. They allow you to choose the overlay filter.
  • Adding friends: There is a normal option of adding friends as well as you can also use the option of QR code, which was introduced in Snap Chat earlier.