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FISHSURFING (Android, iOS) is social networking fishing app used by thousands of people angling enthusiasts and people who enjoy fishing.

Once you download the app and sign in, you can use FISHSURFING to check database with tons of reliable fishing locations.

The fishing app has grown to become a worldwide social networking platform that allows sharing fishing experiences with other experienced anglers.

The platform can be used for finding current information about fishing events, shops, and guides.

A vast amount of resources about fishing can be found there the application is the only fishing application with a translation feature allowing users to intercommunicate.

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Natural baits are said to cause many inconveniences that is why many in the angling community prefer using artificial options such as soft baits.

This remains a strong point why many anglers prefer using artificial baits because it hassle free nature.

Artificial baits are continuously equipped to be used for fishing instantaneously.

Artificial soft baits are mostly easier for the user and remains one of the most preferred fishing catching pieces of equipment worldwide. Live bait has been used over the years by many anglers worldwide.

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Subsequently, during the Dark Ages of sport fishing, innumerable fishes have fallen for the intrinsic magnetism power of, worms and crickets due to their abundance during that era in history.

Live baits have its shortfalls but if we consider the preliminary procurement to maintenance and finally exhibition, natural baits are a hassle and very easy to use.

Let take note of the risk of exposure to diseases that comes with using natural baits including the risk of spreading diseases and artificial baits don’t get stinky in your refrigerator and does not infect any diseases.

Another school of taught believes the bait choice is dependent on the type of fish you are targeting.

Even though artificial baits can attract fishes from long distances and activate inborn attacks.

Proficient anglers rely on such baits during major competitions. Artificial baits outshine at activating strikes, yet they remain the same even when pecked on by other fishes.

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Bass fishing Competition has banned live bait such as leeches and other natural offerings.

Ultimately in conclusion soft baits stand tall and are considered a stellar option year-round for a wide variety of game fishing activities it saves time and money least I forget the convenience it brings.